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Creating calm amid the Christmas chaos

Need a little less crazy in your Christmas season? Today I’ll be talking about restoring some sanity to your life — over at Huffington Post. I’ll start you here and link you there:

Chances are that right about now the Christmas season is getting the best of you. At least that’s how it’s going at my house. Just last night I suggested to my husband and kids — amid the fighting over who opens which door on the Advent calendar and who hangs which ornament on the Christmas tree — that maybe we should just pack it in and pretend there’s no Christmas this year, which is kind of missing the whole “reason for the season” in a pretty glaring way. So we tried to regroup and declare a do-over on the lead-up to Christmas.

If you’re experiencing any of the same symptoms — crankiness, stress and a definite lack of interior serenity — there are some concrete things you can do to restore the calm and shut out the chaos in a season that can be more psychologically debilitating than spiritually renewing. I had to re-read my own new book, “Everyday Divine: A Catholic Guide to Active Spirituality,” just to get up the courage to start my Christmas shopping.

Here are five ways to bring a sense of balance and peace to your otherwise harried and off-kilter Christmas season — and every other season:

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